About Us

Central Illinois Landmarks Foundation (CILF) is a community non-profit organization dedicated to historic preservation. Specifically, CILF helps identify, protect, and enhance buildings, structures and places of historic and cultural significance.

Through advocacy within the region, promotion of landmarks, strategic partnerships, and ongoing efforts of preservation and restoration, CILF seeks to improve the quality of life in Central Illinois.

Our Story

The Central Illinois Landmarks Foundation (CILF) was formed in 1972 and incorporated in 1973 for the purpose of saving the Grand Army of the Republic Hall (G.A.R. Hall), in Peoria, Illinois. It evolved into an organization which has helped save many other historic buildings in the Central Illinois area.

The Historic Markers Committee of the CILF has installed numerous recognition and interpretive markers throughout the Peoria area. Criteria for participation in the Markers Program are: age of structure and/or a prime example of a significant architectural style, or an association with an individual or event of local, state, or national significance.



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